Mitsubishi представил десятое поколение своего суперкара Если прошлые три поколения Lancer Evolution отличались друг от Тест-драйв " Эволюция совершенства (Lancer Evolution X MR)".

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To this day the Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evolution - retired from the Mitsubishi lineup in and , respectively - continue to garner attention from automotive enthusiasts everywhere. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (с по ). Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI (с по ).

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, also known as 'Evo', is a sports sedan based on the Lancer that was manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors from until There have been ten official versions to date, and the designation of each model is most commonly a Roman autohelpp.ru style: 4-door sedan, 5-door station wagon (–). Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Street Legend. The first Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was launched in - rally-bred from its inception. To make it ultra-competitive, Mitsubishi took the lightweight Lancer, reduced its weight even further, increased body and suspension rigidity, and powered it with a 4Gtype intercooler turbo engine delivering.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, или Mitsubishi Lancer Evo — спортивный вариант Mitsubishi 1 Evolution I; 2 Evolution II; 3 Evolution III; 4 Evolution IV; 5 Evolution V; 6 Evolution VI; 7 Evolution VII; 8 Evolution VIII; 9 Evolution IX. Evolution. Mitsubishi Lancer (яп. 三菱・ランサー) — семейство автомобилей, выпускаемых Mitsubishi Motors с года по год.Также выпускались под.

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