на панели горит ECONOMY MODE ACTIVE. Есоnomy mode active - это включен режим экономии энергии. Это у всех так спустя минут. (не работает музыка и еще чтото) На работу стартера это сообщение не влияет.

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I bought a 03 reg peugeot diesel as a non runner from a friend thinking it was a give away for £ as the seller claimed could an immobiliser fault. I put on the harzads to warn other drivers and after a struggle I got the vehicle to the side of the road. Within 30 mins the economy mode appeared. when i started my car this morning economy mode actvated appeared im unsure wat this is, i would appreciate any help. When the battery reaches a certain voltage the economy mode activates. Its bloody annoying, to reset it restart the engine. Is there any way to make sure it doesn't come on????

26/07/ · I just got my hands on a Peugeot SW hdi hp. There is one thing that has been a bit bit of a nuisance right from the start. When I turn on the ignition (key to position 2) the MFD returns the rather cryptic message "Economy Mode Active". I am unable to open the Windows, operate the wipers or turn on the radio until the engine is. 26/06/ · Hi guys I have a peugeot car had a flat battery and decided to get a new battery,after putting the new battery the car was working and after a day,it went into ECONOMY MODE ACTIVE,I thought it was the battery,I took the new one off and replace it with the old one after charging it,but this message won't go off for car to start.i used Peugeot planet pp to check and it.

Только вот теперь на БК выскочила надпись - Economy mode active. Завел машинус буксира, хорошо что коробка механика. Economy. › › Peugeot 30X › Пежо

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